The End is Nigh – Again

I’m not a fan of end-of-year recaps and looks forward to the next, so just consider this a coincidence. I’ve been in a blogging/public face slump that I may be coming out of. The problem is never that I have nothing to say. It’s that I have too much to say, and most of it too ranty to disturb people with. Let’s face it, if you follow some of the so-called news sites on the web, it’s pretty obvious that entertainment is concern number one in most people’s minds. Unless those sites are just blowing smoke. I don’t think so, though. One way to determine readers’ priorities is to look at the “read” numbers, if that’s something a site publishes, and the number of comments for the various articles.

However… that’s my rant for the day.

Withdrawing from NaNoWriMo turned out to be a non-event. No regrets, no emotional backwash. I didn’t miss it, and it’s unlikely that I’ll ever enter again. It served an important purpose for me, and no longer does. I learned that I can write under pressure, but that my best writing is done slowly, with time to let the characters and story lines develop naturally. The short story collection that would have been this year’s race to the finish is still on course. Three stories are finished, and I’m working on a fourth, with occasional stabs at some of the others.

Book sales have dropped off drastically over the last few months. I expected that to happen, sooner or later. After all, I haven’t published anything new in over a year, which was a surprise when I checked the dates. So it was amazing that I’ve had any sales at all in 2013. I hope 2014 will be more productive. I’m proofreading A Perfect Slave and plan to publish that in January. I don’t know what will come after that since several projects are ongoing. Stories/novels that I’d like very much to publish this year are A Well-Educated Boy, and the prison stories collection: No One Will Remember My Name. In non-fiction, Set Me Free is top priority, with Maverick Writer trailing along behind. As usual, there’s always a handful of projects that catch my attention now and then and lurch a little closer to completion.

One big change is that I will be branching out from self-publishing. The science fiction market pays pretty well, and it would be nice to make a bit more money with SF shorts than the long tail of self-publishing is ever likely to pay. Plus, I hate the formatting and uploading process, so if I can get some stories accepted by paying mags, that’s one headache I can avoid.

If there’s anyone here who enjoys the hand slaves universe, I plan (tentatively) to finish up a couple of side stories that I’ve had in mind for quite a while. But instead of publishing them, I’ll be posting them on Archive of Our Own to try to keep up interest in the novels. If and when that happens, I’ll post the links here.


4 thoughts on “The End is Nigh – Again

  1. You’re right about entertainment being the main focus of people, the old bread and circuses thing. I’ve been bemoaning the gradual death of fiction (other than sex and/or violence) on Australian TV, and I happened to hear on ABC radio this morning as I was ministering to the cats that the 5 top-rating shows on Aust’n TV in 2013 were all reality TV – My Kitchen Rules, The X Factor, etc. etc.. so now the ABC’s looking to dumb itself down by following this trend. Aieeee!, I feel like the Edwardian poets felt when they were bemoaning the fact that ancient Greek was going to be taken off the school curriculum. Everything changes, and not always for the better.- and that’s MY rant for the day. Best wishes..

    1. Just a couple of old fogeys we is. There’s been a big stink all over the net about some redneck show — Duck something that A and E has on its lineup. A and E? That used to be a fairly high quality channel, if my memory serves.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I learn about you this past year (2013) and I bought “Within the Silence” and “Hidden/Crossing Boundaries” in Smashwords, and I just love them. I’m totally devoted to you now and just waiting for new books from you, so please, keep writing. I must confess that the other two novels I found for free somewhere (blush), sorry.
    So it’s not truth that you didn’t sell anything at all in 2013. I just wanted you to know that you have a new admirer and fan in me now.

    “…..A Perfect Slave and plan to publish that in January. I don’t know what will come after that since several projects are ongoing. Stories/novels that I’d like very much to publish this year are A Well-Educated Boy, and the prison stories collection: No One Will Remember My Name…” yes, yes, please.. and, please, don’t forget Smashwords. I’m from Spain and Amazons and I just hate each other. The company thinks that I should stay in my rightful place; that is in the Spanish sección.
    Thanks for everything. Sra.Suarez

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate hearing from you and knowing that I have a new fan. Actually I did make sales last year, just not as many as the year before. I might not have stated that clearly.

      Don’t worry, I always publish on Smashwords first, then Amazon. I know that Smashwords is much more helpful to people outside the US than Amazon is. Maybe Amazon will get smarter about that someday.

      If you’re following this blog, you’ll know when I’ve published something new because I always announce it here.

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