Major Revamp Ahead

I decided that it isn’t worth it to maintain both this blog and a separate website for my published work. So I’m starting to set up Tracking the Words to serve the purpose that Dark Worlds was intended for. The first step is deleting unnecessary clutter, including the chapters of Privileged Lives, now gone. As a side note, while I was doing that I wondered if the reason for the book’s poor sales is that the entire thing has been free to read, right here. There’s no way of knowing, really, but it was a thought.

There’s a lot of material on Dark Worlds that I’ll be transferring here, and that will show up on the Pages menu at the top of every page. Chalk it up to laziness. But maybe combining everything in one location will work better.


One thought on “Major Revamp Ahead

  1. I think it might, Catana. Not that I know a great deal about the internet, but it seems to me that having one talk-to-the-people site will work better for an author. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to have an entry in various places, such as Author’s Den, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads, G+, etc. (About G+: even if a writer never posts, they can use the 4 spare photos beside the one for themselves for photos of their book covers, might be another way to be found – I’m obsessed with findability at the moment.).

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