Public Domain Graphics

I made this list of free graphics sites for a friend a few days ago, and just as I was about to delete it from my desktop I realized that someone else might find it useful. So here you go.

A few of these sites may be a mix of public domain and paid license, so be sure to check for details about legal usage. It’s a mix of historic and contemporary, drawings, paintings, and photos. (Getty Search Gateway – very new, thousands of images)  (photos) (Look under “Collections.” This site also has articles and film clips.) (Library of Congress)


6 thoughts on “Public Domain Graphics

  1. Reblogged this on Andrew Updegrove: Tales of Adversego and commented:
    A great list of image sights – new and old pictures, paintings, drawings, film and more (most are free), courtesy of the anonymous author of the Tracking the Words blog – thanks and very much appreciated, as I’ve relied almost exclusively on the Wikimedia Commons in the past.

    1. I hope that the list proves helpful. WikiMedia is harder to search than some of the others, so I don’t use it as much as some others.I like having as many options as possible. You never know where you’ll find exactly the right image.

      And thank you for reblogging.

      This is a good opportunity to let you know that I was going to leave a comment on the post with the Nabokov quote earlier, but there’s no button to click on. I wrote the comment and had to abandon it. Tried another browser. Same problem. All I can figure is that Mac browsers seem to have a problem with some WP themes.

    1. “Leave a comment” is there, so are tags and the comment box. But there’s no button to publish the comment. I’ve run into this before, but I don’t remember if it was the same theme. Probably nothing you can do about it.

      Thanks so much for the link to your post about the art of book design. Yes, we’ve lost the aesthetics in the process of digitization. And amateurs like myself make the situation worse, though *I am* learning. In fact, I’m in the process of creating new covers for my first two novels, trying to make them less amateurish and more pleasing. I believe that ereader aesthetics will improve over time, but book art will undoubtedly remain a pleasure for the few rather than the masses.

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