Doing the Splits: Writers / Readers

Writers read books, and readers sometimes write books. I’ve been lazily depending on that overlap to avoid the work of setting up a genuine author’s website. Some of you might have taken a look at the half-assed effort I developed on Weebly, and which I deleted recently. I made a start, but then it bogged down, for very good reasons. And I had to spend some time thinking about what I’ve been avoiding, what I should be doing, and why I should be doing it.

Why not just combine the writing blog and the author’s site? But Tracking the Words is a blog for writers. That’s what it started out to be, that’s mostly what it’s been, and it shouldn’t take a big finger coming down out of the sky and thunking me on the head to make that perfectly clear. This isn’t where I should be promoting my writing and saying “Hi” to readers. It took some time to work through the important differences (for me) between a writing blog and an author’s website, but that’s done now.

One thing that was holding me back, aside from the aforementioned laziness was insecurity. Is my writing interesting enough to justify a site devoted exclusively to promoting it? Have I written enough? The Weebly site seemed to say that it was a waste of time. But I didn’t give that site my all, and I wasn’t even sure about what approach I wanted to take with it. My thinking is still a bit cloudy, but I’ve learned enough about promotion, and about my own failure to increase my readership that it now seems like a good idea. And it’s still going to be a pain in the butt to accomplish.

The next decision is about where to locate the site. WordPress is easy, and it’s free. But it has definite limitations. Paying for hosting is a real risk because there are months when my sales would hardly cover it. But everything about this indie writer thing has been a risk, right from the moment I dared to publish my first book. If I’m not willing to take one more risk, then maybe I shouldn’t have bothered to start writing.








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