Useful Procrastination

I’m actively avoiding the attempt to compile Perfect Slave in Scrivener. I can only deal with so much frustration before giving up. Not permanently, but long enough to recoup my courage and give it another try. Or another fifty or so tries.

But I’m using the time somewhat profitably and will have a new topic to post about fairly soon — flash nonfiction. It isn’t exactly brand-new for me since what I’ve always done best is the essay form. But this is a different approach and will be more or less experimental for a while.

4 thoughts on “Useful Procrastination

    1. An excellent article. I abandoned Word years ago when its Mac version was so bad that it was practically nonfunctional. I love Scrivener, but have avoided trying to learn the Compile function that creates a TOS and then converts the MS into ePub or Mobi. I never bothered with a TOS, so I just moved my Scrivener manuscripts over to Neo Office (Mac version of Open Office) for conversion. Maybe it’s just my limited tech ability, but Scrivener’s Compile is just as frustrating as Word once was, now that I need a live TOS. And if Neo Office has a way to do it, I haven’t found it yet, so I’m stuck and frustrated.

  1. The thing that’s really frustrating is that it just doesn’t have to be this hard. It would be great if someone would come out with a stripped down version of OpenOffice or LibreOffice (which now has a larger supporting community) and then optimized it for authors.

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