Writerly Links

I’ve added a couple of links to the Writing/Publishing sidebar:

K.M. Weiland   Her latest post: Are Your Loose Ends Too Loose? is an excellent read for those of us who have trouble wrapping things up. “Readers like just enough loose ends so that they’re able to feel the story and its characters live on even after they’ve closed the back cover. You want them thinking, ‘I wonder…’ You do not want them thinking, “Huh?!’”

Kristen Lamb’s Blog   This is a particularly good blog for new writers to read. It’s very personal, friendly, and full of good advice without being dogmatic about it.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch has been running a series of posts on discoverability on her blog. I haven’t read them all, but someone linked to this one: #12 which is mostly about using short stories as one of the ways to expand your reach to readers. It starts out discussing pricing, but gets to the meat very quickly. Well worth the time it takes to read a longer-than-usual post.

3 thoughts on “Writerly Links

  1. I have to take the time to put a couple of short stories up on my author page – so it doesn’t look so empty! And if someone buys them, so much the better.

    I’m going off to read the post of Kris’s that you linked to. She often has stuff I bookmark; I may even have this one already.

    1. I have several short stories I need to work on. My Aussie friend got me to thinking about submitting to magazines. I’d like to, but it’s one more thing to try to squeeze in.

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