Catching Up – Again

The last few weeks have been hectic, if you can apply that word to mental states as well as physical states. With me, almost everything that’s important is mental. The biggest occupier of my mind, and my time, has been Bubblews (I still find that name totally embarrassing), but I’ve tamed the beast and have reached the tipping point where I can do less work there, and achieve more. The first major achievement was hitting the big green button for my first payout. Which will be coming next week. I’m now halfway to my second payout, which will come faster than the first due to the beast having been tamed.

During the mental hiatus known as writer’s block, I agreed to serve as a research assistant for a friend working on his Master’s degree under unusual and straitened circumstances. I’m looking forward to it even though it’s another ball to juggle.

Odd bits of serendipity combined recently to unblock another block, so I’m actively working again on Set Me Free, my nonfiction book about the death penalty. The stumbling block that I kept tripping over was trying to combine two issues in one book. So all the material about life without parole was moved elsewhere, to be developed on its own someday — I hope.

I’m beginning to tackle jobs that I’ve been avoiding, so the new covers for Hidden Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries have finally been uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon, along with edited descriptions that I hope are better than the originals.

A major revision of the short story, Someday Will Come Too Late, is just underway, so maybe I’ll be able to drag it out of its limbo state on SW and Amazon soon. Avoidance is still the byword for A Perfect Slave, but I’m beginning to feel less hopeless about getting it properly formatted. If this unusually buoyant mood that has me in its grip lasts a while, I may even see that story published.




2 thoughts on “Catching Up – Again

  1. So glad to hear you have tamed the beast. I’ve been struggling here with a similar beast of my own, which has prevented me from getting on with uploading that story. Surely next week … to Smashwords, at least. But I agree with you: the veils seem to be lifting, which is great for anyone who’s found themselves enmeshed in them this last month or so.

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