An Unexpected Side Trip

It was unexpected when I wrote the last post, but I made the decision shortly after that — to enter the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. I had deleted my Nano account after last year’s realization that I couldn’t devote an entire month any more to one massive writing effort. It had reached the point where I wasn’t learning any more from it, and it just put off other work that I needed to be doing.

But I really need a push with Set Me Free, and the summer camps aren’t as high pressure. Setting a word count goal of 20,000 words (you can set your own goals in the summer) would get me well into it without being too stressful or taking so much time that I couldn’t do much of anything else.

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m not nearly as ready as I would be if I were writing a novel, so what will come out of it is probably big chunks that will have to be expanded later, and then whipped together into a coherent form.

I still have a lot of reading to do, so that will continue during the month, and with any luck, I’ll find quotes that I can use, and little bits of inspiration. This is going to be a vastly different NaNo from any that I’ve ever done, but if it works, I might just sign up again, either in the Fall or next summer, to do another nonfiction book.




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