Camp NaNo — Not a Good Idea

Maybe it was worth trying — pushing the book forward on Camp NaNo. But given the rules, it just couldn’t work out. Trying to ignore everything I’d already written and proceeding as if I could just tuck those fragments in where they belonged once NaNo was over turned out to be impossible. All that it would have accomplished, even if I could have managed it, would be to leave me with gaping holes, and pieces that would have to be revised in order to fit together in a way that made any sense.

I already write in what I call a patchwork or jigsaw style, but at least I can usually maintain some sense of continuity. That wasn’t possible while doing NaNo. So I withdrew yesterday, having managed to write about 2,000 words over the eight days.

The only positive result of the attempt was that it did push me into weeding out a lot of extraneous material, and organizing the whole thing into sensible chapters. Other than that, I’d have to rate Camp NaNo as a catastrophe of epic proportions.

At least I did have a brainstorm about the title. Set Me Free will now be the title of one of the chapters, and the book’s title will be Damned and Forgotten.


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