Sometimes a Great Rethink

Even though I’ve been concentrating on nonfiction lately, there’s lots of fiction action going on in the background. My 2012 NaNo novel is slowly evolving into something bigger and more interesting than the original idea. The notes, the bits of dialogue and sketches for new scenes are piling up nicely.

My semi-vampire novel, Gift of the Ancien, took a big hit when someone whose judgment I trust pointed out the flaws. And they are big flaws. Huge. So it’s been completely on hold, not even creating a ripple in the brain waves for some time now. That changed today with a major insight that will probably trash most of the novel, but use some of its material in a completely different way.

For some unknown reason, I’ve been writing a bit of dystopian flash fiction lately, in between articles for Bubblews. That really isn’t a great site for fiction, and there’s every chance that the stories will be stolen, but they’re very short and off the top of my head, so no loss. I could take any one of the three and turn it into something much bigger, but I probably won’t. In the meantime, they’ve earned me a bit of money. Considering that I don’t care for flash fiction and seldom read it, making any money at all from a few amateurish attempts isn’t a bad deal.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes a Great Rethink

  1. It’s remarkable, I think, what time can do for a novel in trouble. Just having the courage to put it away and let your unconscious mind work on it in the background can often produce amazing breakthroughs later on – apparently out of the blue.
    I share your feelings about flash fiction: It always feels contrived to me. but I read your refugee story and it came off swimmingly, without any sense of contrivance at all.

  2. I was thinking about the flash fiction more as if they were fragments of something larger, like scenes that had to connect the the larger story. That might be why the refugee one worked out well. Of the three, it’s the best. The second one, What I Learned in High School, is actually based on a story that I’ve done a fair amount of work on and might finish some day.

    The idea for Ancien did come right out of the blue, and was a complete surprise. I’d thought about leaving some parts out and expanding others, but the new idea is much more radical. And will probably be novella length rather than a novel.

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