Never Say Never – Bringing A Novel Back From the Dead

Is it worth trying to rescue a bad novel? The argument can go either way; there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on the novel itself, and on the writer’s insights and abilities. When a critique of Gift of the Ancien showed me just how bad it was, I had a choice: throw it away and pretend it never existed, or put it away and hope that I might someday find a way to rescue it. I put it away, for two reasons. It’s an original take on the vampire theme, which has been written nearly to death with thousands of variations on the same old details. It’s a study of a population that’s superior to humans, but not strong enough to replace them or even survive if their existence is discovered.

Ancien has been waiting for almost exactly two years now, and it’s only in the last few months that I’ve found a way to resurrect it. It means an almost total rewrite, with most of it being brand-new material. Right now, it looks as if very little of the original will survive, but the original idea still glows brightly in my mind.

In fact, it’s glowing so brightly that when October rolled around and talk about National Novel Writing Month popped up on several sites, I had to rethink my belief that I have no more use for the annual event. I pulled out very early last year, and an experiment with doing some writing during the July Camp Nano didn’t work out, so it was goodbye NaNoWriMo, it was great while it lasted, but now it was time to break up.

It just proves you should never say “never.” So it’s back to NaNo because I want to get this thing done while inspiration is red-hot, and NaNo is the container that keeps it from running away and getting lost, and also the breeze that keeps fanning the flames.

The new version isn’t going to look very much like the old one, but I think it might possibly do what I originally intended — knock readers’ socks off.




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