So here it is an hour before I can crash and pass the remaining hours until November 1 and the first day of NaNo, in blissful unconsciousness. I should be thinking only of the novel and what I’ll be writing to get the final phase of Gift of the Ancien underway. Instead, ideas for New Serfdom keep intruding. That novel is going to drive me crazy until I get back to it.

As if that’s not enough, the phrase ‘The water trap’ came to me yesterday and triggered some ideas for a short story collection. I don’t know if The Water Trap will actually work as a title, but all the stories would be about water. I haven’t thought of a single plot yet, but I sense something very different from anything I’ve done before, where I let my imagination run free. The stories will all center around climate change, the lack of water (western drought) and the excess of water (rising seas).

I have this completely unrealistic notion that I’m going to be very disciplined in 2015 and immerse myself deeply in writing and publishing and wind up with a record-setting year for completed work. And then I wake up.


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