NaNoWriMo – Week Two Begins

These reports are boring, so I’ll keep it short. The week went better than expected, even if it ended with my first day of goofing off and failing to meet my personal goal of 2,000 words. The total word count is just under 20,000 words, so that may actually be a first-week record for me.

The writing rackets back and forth between excitement and tedium. I’m not sure which one usually has the upper hand. I’d like to finish by the end of the third week, but I can never depend on sustaining the early energy. Part of the work involves rereading chapters of the original to see what needs to be expanded or filled in.

I’ve drastically toned down the “evil scientist” and made him more human, if not likeable. Added a chapter that takes the story a generation or so into the future. I think the only person who’s read the original will be astounded. Pleasantly, I hope.

Still behind every day’s work is the need to stop thinking about The New Serfdom and concentrate on the work at hand. The transformation of Gil Saltero from a helpless boy kidnapped and made a slave in a possibleĀ  future of feudalism, to a man who has seen the worst a collapsing nation has to offer is ongoing. I know the externals of his life, but a lot of his internal life is still a mystery.

And so it goes.


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