You may have noticed that this blog looks a bit different. Changing the theme and trimming it down are part of a larger change in my overall approach to blogging and being in the public eye. Changing the name puts it more in line with its intent, which long ago stopped being about the progress of my writing.

Promotion of my own published work will be taking place on the website that’s now in development. I’ll be blogging there, also, but it will be mostly about books that I find interesting, and about various aspects of science fiction and fantasy. I’ll be posting free short reads there (motivation to actually finish some stories), and may eventually invite readers to sign up for an email newsletter.

Now that I have my own header up, I’m not too happy about the way the theme handled it, so I’ll be looking for another, equally simple theme. Besides all that grey space being extremely ugly, I don’t like themes that force readers to do a lot of scrolling before they get to any text. So expect more changes.



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