Progress on Nearly all Fronts

Wrestling with Gift of the Ancien is keeping me busy enough, you’d think I’d stick with just that one project. But no, that would make my life too easy. So I’m writing what will be my first ever permafree piece on Amazon. I promised I’d never give away any of my work (except on my website) so that promise is broken. It’s a short story in the Hand Slaves universe, so that’s sort of a promise broken. But my feelings about that world continue to be ambivalent, and a short story isn’t really going to take that much of my time, after all.

The work on Ancien is taking it in all sorts of directions that I never planned. And now, it will include a short story written by one of the characters, but never finished. One of the pieces that I originally intended to be an interlude will also be an internal short story, but that one is finished. I love the interludes and hated the idea of abandoning them, but they just didn’t work as interludes because all they did was interrupt the main story. I think this will work out. It had better work out.

What else? I’m starting to post chunks of A Well-Educated Boy on Amazon’s WriteOn. Becoming a member there was, very frankly, intended to be primarily for the sake of promotion. But it’s becoming more than that. The site has some very good writers, and some with the potential to become good or excellent with some gentle critiquing. Even I, overwhelmingly superior and awesome writer that I am (that’s a joke), can always use an objective eye.

Well-Educated Boy is somewhere around halfway to completion — very long short story? very short novella? — and posting online, with the threat of reaching the last chunk and having nothing more to add, is very motivating. All I have to do is figure out the rest of the plot.

In the little  nooks and crannies of daily life, I squeeze in short posts for Bubblews and even find time to eat.

Have I mentioned that a free short story is up on my website? It is. Refuge: a depressing tale about a small group of people cast out of their community, and a winter that starts too early.



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