Staggering From Pillar to Post

I spent most of the last month trying out a variety of sites for both income and promotion. Most of that time was a waste, but I didn’t have high hopes for any of it, so — no surprise. I tried, and left: Tsu, Amazon’s WriteOn, and CGPGallery.

Tsu was heavily touted as a money-earning version of Facebook, with hordes of people jumping on in the belief that it was going to be a new source of easy money. I joined in the hope that it might bring some attention to my writing. After about two weeks, I left for the same reason that I’m not a member of any other social network. To be seen, you have to interact constantly, not my cup of tea. On Tsu, you also have to put up with a feed that includes friends of friends of friends. The longer I was on the site, the more time I spent scrolling through my feed just to find one interesting item.

Amazon’s WriteOn is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t mind spending their time critiquing other people’s work. Potentially, posting your writing there might bring you to the attention of one of Amazon’s staff, but that’s a long shot. Again, you have to interact in order to be seen. As with every other site, it’s tit for tat. I barely have the energy to keep up with my own writing; the hunt for anything with even a slight potential for benefitting by critiques took most of that energy. The majority of writers are youngsters doing poorly conceived and badly written variations on popular series and themes.

Not much needs to be said about CGPGallery, which is just one more badly designed and managed clone of every revenue-sharing site that’s ever been on the web. Its pay rate has brought floods of people looking for the fast buck, including refugees from Bubblews.

And that brings us to Bubblews, where I earned a few hundred dollars over the nine months of my membership. I crossed my fingers when I joined, thinking that it looked too good to be true. It was. The management abruptly reneged on hundreds of thousands of dollars in back payments, slashed more recent payments that were still pending, and cut the pay rate down drastically. The rats fled the sinking ship  in droves, despite more promises of great things in the pipeline. And today, with the notice that my last payment had cleared, and my last posts safely deleted, I became one of those rats.

So what am I doing now? Just after Christmas, I joined Wikinut, another revenue-sharing site. (She never learns, does she?) The pay rate is very low, but the site is well-managed (comparatively), and is set up for long-term earning. If all I wanted was the money, I wouldn’t bother, but there are topics I want to write about with some depth, without the struggle of trying to build a readership for yet another blog.

Other than that, I’m pondering whether to serialize an in-progress novella on my website. I started to do that on WriteOn, but deleted all my work there before I left. Serializing worked very well on my Live Journal blog, but I don’t really maintain it any more, and I want to build up the website as quickly as possible.

2015 is off to a somewhat rocky start, but at least the decks are cleared.


2 thoughts on “Staggering From Pillar to Post

  1. I had the same results at WriteOn, though Wattpad became a community of sorts, I participated, and made friends with a few readers and a bunch of writers – which turned out to be VERY helpful when I published, because several became reviewers, and several allowed me to use the words they had already written on my serialized novel’s individual posts (when I asked nicely) to put on the book’s description.

    I didn’t ask them for any more words than they had already given me (asking for blurbs means asking for someone’s time).

    My short story Too Late was featured – I asked, they checked, said sure. It got me a bunch more readers (it’s short). I don’t have the energy to participate a lot nowadays, but still check in and maintain friendships.

    I won’t serialize as I polish again for this trilogy – the attractiveness of having lots of people read, but few comment, and not having the potential for any financial reward palls after you’ve done it – but it did provide lovely support or a different kind than my blog does at a time when I desperately needed to connect with someone, anyone, for that book, my first.

    Now I go bother people with interesting blogs instead.

    1. Wattpad would probably be the perfect place to serialize A Well-Educated Boy when I get back to work on it (not high priority right now), Tons of readers. But the same problem as with Write On — taking the time to participate.

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