KBoards Free For All

Another interesting discussion is going on at KBoards’ Writers’ Cafe. The original post is somewhat waspish, but it’s generated a lively bunch of thoughts about whether you should or shouldn’t listen to advice from other writers. One quoted bit managed to hit a lot of buttons: “Write what you love to read, and your readers will love it as well.  Remember when you are taking advice from Internet writers forums, that most of us who actually do this for a living don’t hang out on Internet writers forums.”

The discussion rambles from marketing to selecting genres, to  “Who do you write for?”

Here: If the ‘conventional’ writing advice and wisdom is correct…



2 thoughts on “KBoards Free For All

  1. I’ve never had the energy to hang out at KB. I have an account and all, but I don’t like crowds in real life, don’t like shouting, and don’t like having to listen to large numbers of people, so I haven’t been over there much. I also can’t do Twitter.

    I do think that most people who stick with this writing business AND make an effort will continue to evolve, and find ways to deal with anything that gives them trouble – eventually.

    OTOH, I also know a bunch of people who insist on writing the same book over and over, and then complain about their sales (not that I’m NOT complaining about mine – where is my fame, already?).

    What I don’t like is floating small test icebergs (you know, most of it under water) mentioning that possibly X or Y is something they might look into… And have them jump up and defend their writing method with vehemence and determination. What I REALLY meant is, “Look here. Your books are full of XXXXX and YYYYY and they are boring and you really need to stop doing that.”

    Or, “You really need to stop complaining, and, by the way, remember the definition of insanity? That’s how you write.”

    So I generally don’t bother constructing miniature icebergs any more.

    If people float those my way, I do try to look at both the superficial part – and the implications. I’ve even listened and changed a few times (they were right – my way was a wee bit too complicated for the average reader).

    1. I don’t know if you ever saw Peter Sellers in Being There. The most memorable line in the movie was “I like to watch.” That’s me. Mostly I just skim the board for useful information, but once in a while I’ll follow a big brouhaha for a while, for amusement.

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