Hope, No Hope, and What the Heck

I’m having a hard time getting back to writing after an enforced period of life adjustments, including no computer. I gladly gave up pen and paper years ago, and despite my best efforts during the down time, there’s just no going back. I hate to think what that will mean for people like me in the event of societal collapse and the end of the power grid and the internet.

In fact, thinking about the oncoming future, for which my grandchildren are in no way prepared, makes writing about almost anything, and particularly writing and publishing, seem like a pointless exercise. Depressives shouldn’t start their day skimming over a dozen news sites and environmental magazines. But the world goes on and somehow I do too, in spite of being all too aware of the now-official sixth extinction, which has actually been going on for sometime, and the very real possibility that climate change can take some very sudden and nasty turns. Environmental scientists are beginning to speak openly of their despair that we will change the destructive ways that are destroying the natural world, and that may very well kill us.

All in all, my little trauma of losing my quiet cave after 15 years, of losing over half of my fairly skimpy belongings (which includes several hundred books), seems like pretty small potatoes. Granted, it hangs over me in a nearly invisible cloud that I’m fighting on a daily basis. After all, human psychology is far more effective at controlling our lives than logic can ever be. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have post-traumatic stress disorder, but I’m not functioning at my laughable-by-anyone-else’s-standards best.

Still — I think I wrote sometime back that I would be expanding my blogging beyond literary topics to more or less whatever’s concerning or interesting me at the moment. So, you can take this post as a first step in that direction.

Two articles that have impacted on me lately, with reference to the above: When the End of Human Civilization is Your Day Job (that’s the despairing one). And one that looks on the slightly brighter side, but one that depends on you, not some outside power that’s going to come along and make everything okay: Beyond Hope


6 thoughts on “Hope, No Hope, and What the Heck

  1. “Human psychology is far more effective at controlling our lives than logic can ever be.” You have a knack for stirring up the muck of my existential despair. 😉

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