The NaNo State of Mind

Well, I thought I was going to finally get around to writing Empire of Masks, but changed my mind yesterday. The reason I almost discarded it, in the first place, is that it’s an alternate universe slave fantasy, and I’m not going to be writing those any more. Maybe I could just call it a temporary lapse back into fantasyland, or maybe I’ll get around to it someday. But not now.

I’ve been working, off and on, on an SF dystopian story that wasn’t meant to be more than a fairly long short story. But its possibilities keep expanding in my head, and the plot is pretty solidly developed, so… I’ve already written about 6,000 words, but I’ll use them as a guideline for a complete rewrite, so that won’t be cheating — as if anybody even checks up on those things.

The story is currently titled “Disposable,” but I hope to find something better as I go along. It’s set in a displaced persons camp, in a US where climate devastation and an economic crash have brought to reality the far right’s fears of millions of Americans being locked up in “concentration” camps. It’s not going to be one of those simplistic disaster books that are churned out by the thousands. There will be plenty of background to make the present circumstances perfectly reasonable. And character development. No heroes, just real people coping with the grim realities that may actually be in our future.

Even though I keep saying I’m through with NaNoWriMo, the existence of that one intense month every year does something to get the inspirational juices flowing. From here on, I won’t bother with pronouncements that smack of certainty and then get knocked down. Just write, damn it.


5 thoughts on “The NaNo State of Mind

  1. I am glad you are back to writing. I have always liked your look at people coping with bad circumstances – slavery, climate change, political and economic policy choices – because you usually work with people from lower status positions, with little personal power. I will watch for anything you have ready for reading.

  2. Much thanks. I really wouldn’t even know how to write about wealthy, powerful people, not and be accurate. I changed the novel I’m going to be working with on NaNo. Instead of the slave fantasy, it’s going to be a dystopian SF plot.

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