Fragments In the Interim

What interim? Rewriting a post that I started way back when and never got around to finishing. It was mostly about National Novel Writing Month, so it had to be at least a year ago. I discovered that I have about 60 posts in draft that WordPress saved for me, so I’m slowly going through them and discarding the ones I’ll never look at again.

In the interim: My new cell phone (my very first) takes pictures! I took a picture of my sad little plaster gargoyle, the only one of four that I managed to save from my apartment, with the idea that I would like to use him on the cover of a story or novel someday. The picture was fuzzy, and I hope that’s only because I was much too close, and not because the camera is a piece of garbage or the lens got smudged from my fingers. Will try again one of these days.

In the interim: Being able to do things on the internet that would ordinarily involve long, frustrating phone calls is a blessing. Sometimes a mixed blessing that almost makes it worthwhile to pick up the phone and make the call. I need to change my address for Social Security mailings. That involved the usual multi-step sign-up: name address, phone number, social security number, picking a user name and password, and three questions in case of ever needing a reset. For some mysterious reason, it didn’t like my address, and the bold red letters that told what’s allowed weren’t any help. Of course. And then my session terminated. Try again. Got that much done, thank you. Now I could go to my profile and change my address. Hit the final button and got a system error message. Oh well. I have until the end of the month to get my address up to date. It may take that long.

In the interim: I’m debating whether I can work on the revision of Gift of the Ancien and do all the prep work for NaNo at the same time. Reading Gift on my Kindle really does make typos, plot holes, bad sentence construction more visible, but making notes is a bit of a pain in the ass. I may just settle for highlighting, and then try to figure out later what I thought needed to be done.


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