The First of the Very Bad Days — Too Soon

It seems that NaNoWriMo brings me new challenges every year. Last year was an experiment in revising parts of an already existing novel (written during a past NaNo), and adding new parts. It worked out better than I could have hoped for. I ended the month with the lowest word count yet, about 52,000 words, but over the last year or so I’ve been working on incorporating the new material. Maybe next year, I’ll get it finished and published.

This year, with NaNo barely begun, I’ve hit writer’s block. But only in a sense. On November 1st, I surpassed my day’s goal of 4,000 words by about 500. Today’s goal is 3,000 words, and I’ve written less than 1,000 so far, at 500:pm. It’s not that I’m stuck exactly. I’m just stuck about continuing on to the next scene. This has happened before, though not during NaNo. Or maybe during NaNo. I’m not sure. The obvious solution is to skip forward and write whatever scene calls to me. No big deal. It feels like cheating, though. Or something that isn’t quite right, that has nothing to do with NaNo itself. There are no rules about how you write, in sequence or out.

There is one factor in the mix, the one that has to be ignored during November: that I just don’t feel much like writing today. And if I let that go, will tomorrow be another day when I just don’t feel like writing? One of the reasons for signing on to Nano is that “just don’t feel like writing” is deadly enough that it has to be avoided.

There is no solution to this. And no final statement for this post. So be it.


3 thoughts on “The First of the Very Bad Days — Too Soon

  1. I hit a wall on 11/2 as well. and I have a whole community of writers that see me as a NaNo hero, so I was feeling the pressure. so I chucked what I was writing admiting I had over prepared and was saddened and bored by the task, and went with a tiny crumb of a scene with another character. He really has revealed himself as the key to the whole story, and if I focus on his arc, I am staying engaged and it feels fun and doable.

    Bon Chance!!

  2. Don’t let yourself be pressured by other people’s expectations, Patrise. I think sometimes,hitting a wall can be a good thing. All I did yesterday (Nov 5) was add 400 words of fill-in. Just before I fell asleep last night, the idea came for a simple change that would get me through a stuck place.

    I’m sure we’ll both make it through.

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