Still Here

I keep thinking of interesting topics for blog posts, but all my energy is going into the novel. I hit 25,000 words this evening, halfway to the official goal, but I hope to finish with at least 60,000 words, so I’m pushing hard. I’d really like to get it over with and get back to editing Bentham’s Dream and Gift of the Ancien. Not to mention a few other bits and pieces awaiting my attention. Hope to finish writing A Well-Educated Boy early next year, and maybe even The New Serfdom, that I wrote for NaNo a couple of years back and never found an ending for. Still haven’t, but at least I’ve come a little closer over the last year.

The only NaNo novel that I ever got around to publishing is the least successful one. Wouldn’t you know it. I think Camp Expendable could be a lot more successful (if I can find a better title). In fact, it’s potentially the best novel I’ve written, so I have high hopes for it. If anyone would like to take a look, I’ve posted the first three chapters on Write On. (That’s a link, by the way. I keep picking themes that don’t make it easy to see links. Or is that just my browser?) Anyway. I was planning to post them as I finished them, and I’m up to chapter seven, but I’ve fallen behind. Will try to get another one or two up sometime this week.

You don’t have to sign up for anything to read stories on Write On, but I think you do have to be a member if you want to comment.

Enough words for today. I’m going to go read for the rest of the evening.


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