Da Winnah!

I think this is my sixth NaNo win, not that I’ve actually won anything. But it’s great to have about 90% of another novel written. I’ll keep adding to it for the rest of the month, but at a much more leisurely pace. I did start running at the mouth for the last few days, just to get the winning thing over with, so there’s a good deal that will have be very seriously edited, much more than I would normally allow to survive more than a few seconds on the screen before I started tearing it apart.

So that’s done, and in record time, I think. Last year, it took me till the 25th. I’m itching to pull out Gift of the Ancien again and get back to work on it. And I still have to tackle the formatting puzzle, so Paul Salvette’s eBook Design and Development Guide will come out of cold storage. Busy, busy, busy.



2 thoughts on “Da Winnah!

    1. I don’t think I could have written as much as I did in such a short time without tons of notes. And there are still areas that need to be expanded, plus finishing the last chapter or two.

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