Things That Break Reader Immersion

That title isn’t my invention, but I’d be delighted to claim it if it weren’t already taken. If I had any doubts about the value of participating in Google+, one link cleared them all out.  Jefferson Smith is a member of the G+ Self Publishing community, which I joined very recently. This morning he provided a link to what he calls The ImmerseOrDie Report on his blog. I haven’t read very much of it yet, but I’m already going “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He’s been tracking, very methodically, problems that take readers out of the story. Since he’s been doing this exclusively, I gather, for indie books only, this could be a very valuable resource for writers struggling to improve their manuscripts.

He has the kind of focus I can only wish for, and the ability to put what he’s discovered into useful graphs and charts. This isn’t about just spelling and grammar, but also those niggly things that pull you right out of the story, often for reasons that you can’t quite pin down. Well, Smith does pin them down.

Find it at


2 thoughts on “Things That Break Reader Immersion

    1. I’m going to be scouring the site, as I have time. It’s getting harder and harder to find writing advice that isn’t the thousandth iteration of something I’ve already learned. I’m very glad you followed up on the link.

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