I Forgot to Mention…

NaNo 2015


Not so much forgot as not thinking it’s all that important to show off. But the graphic is impressive, and it’s my sixth win, so why not? I already wrote about the win a few days ago, so I’ll just stick to the graphic here. It shows pretty clearly what it takes to finish NaNo early — starting out ahead of the basic 1,667 words per day, getting as far ahead as possible, and staying there. It was a grind most days, but it was worth it to have it over and done with, and being able to start recuperating before the month was over. Because it did take a few days to get to where I could even start thinking about going back to writing.

The gold bars are the word count goals that NaNo sets at 1,667, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 40,000, little rewards to goad the writer onward and upward. That chart, and the accompanying badges are fairly new, and I don’t know why anyone thought they’re necessary, but it seems that we have an upcoming generation accustomed to being rewarded for every little accomplishment. In fact, there’s a forum thread asking what you reward yourself with when you win. It apparently isn’t enough just to have written a novel.


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