Hopeless Hopes for the New Year

This is my annual non-resolution look at 2016, and a look back at 2015 — not that there’s much to look back on. 2015 can be summarized pretty quickly: I didn’t finish writing or publish anything. A big fat zero. I can legitimately blame it partly on being chased out of the apartment I’d lived in for 15 years, by a major fire in June. One does not simply walk out of one life into another and start banging on the keyboard right away. But I wasn’t brilliantly productive even before that. So, a zero barely averted by winning NaNoWriMo last month with an almost complete novel.

As usual, any list of projects for the next year is a list of things I hope to accomplish, but most of which I won’t. Still, it’s nice to have something to refer to. Creating the lists involves scouring through my Scrivener Stories project to make sure I’m not overlooking a story that’s sufficiently developed, and interesting enough to deserve some attention. It can be a surprising trip.

I’d completely forgotten that I wrote a few paragraphs of a zombie story. And notes for a couple of vampire stories. I may never get around to any of them, but at least, they make up that enormous pile of ideas that guarantees I’ll never run out of something to write.

I’m also tossing around the possibility of expanding one of my published stories, The Darkest Prison, into a novella. One of the reviews gave me the idea, and it’s been simmering ever since.

Most of my effort, for at least the first few months of 2016, will go into completing three novels that are in the last stages of developing or editing, all of them written during NaNoWriMo:
Gift of the Ancien
Camp Expendable – currently being posted on Write On
New Serfdom

Short stories and/or novellas:
Bentham’s Dream – nearly complete prison novella being posted on Write On
A Well-Educated Boy – half-written near/future dystopia
Your Obedient Servant – half-written near/future slavery/indentured servitude

Set Me Free – death penalty

Hoping to start:
Empire of Masks – science fiction/fantasy

It’s an overly ambitious lot, so I have more sense than to make any resolutions. But I can hope.


4 thoughts on “Hopeless Hopes for the New Year

    1. I didn’t mean to imply that completing NaNo (the novel isn’t quite complete even though I went over the 50k goal) is nothing, or even close to it. But considering that I now have *three* NaNo novels to finish and get published, it isn’t the accomplishment it seems to be — for me.

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