2016 — Pinterest, Permafree (maybe), Spoilers

Using Pinterest as a promotional device is one of the many things I didn’t get around to this year, and hope to correct in 2016. I ran across a couple of blog posts today, that served as a nice kick in the pants: http://www.writeontrack.ie/blogs/ten-pinterest-board-ideas-writers/ and http://www.writeontrack.ie/pinterest/writers-use-pinterest/  My 2016 Scrivener project now has a page of ideas for Pinterest boards. It’s one of those networking efforts that are worthwhile, but require some restraint in getting them going. It’s too easy to set up a bunch of boards and spend hours surfing the web for pretty pictures. Since it really wouldn’t be worth putting up the boards until after the holidays, I can go about it in a more or less leisurely manner.

Sticking closely to my usual off again, on again pattern, A Perfect Slave is once more in the running for possible publication. I gave up on it mostly because formatting, particularly for Smashwords, has become more and more frustrating. Plus, I’d really like to leave slave fantasy behind. But it’s complete, and it’s part of the Hand Slaves universe, so it’s stupid to just abandon it.

The plan, for the moment, is to put it up as a freebie on Smashwords and as a permafree on Amazon, the idea being for it to introduce new readers to the Hand Slaves universe, and use the back matter to lead them to Hidden Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries. To overcome the formatting obstacle, I bought Paul Salvette’s book on formatting ebooks, but I’m now looking at Jutoh as a possible alternative. Salvette’s book leads you through the stuff behind the scenes, but I’m honestly not sure I have the patience for it. Jutoh is a program that serves as both an editor and conversion app. It costs, but if it can save me from hours and days of frustration trying to learn new techie skills, it will be worth it.

The one question about publishing Perfect Slave as a freebie is whether it will be a spoiler for the first two novels. The two central characters in the Boundaries novels appear briefly in Perfect Slave, and their background and relationship are included. But the description of the second Boundaries novel gives it all away, anyway, so I don’t see the harm. As in some mysteries, you may be told who the murderer is but you don’t know why or how he did the deed.


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