A Post a Day Makes a Book

Many aeons ago, I went through all the posts I’d written for this blog, and copied them into a new Scrivener project. The idea was to take the most useful and interesting posts, update and edit them as necessary, develop them more fully, then publish them as a book. Like many of my inspirations, it fell by the wayside, but I never forgot about it. The thought kept popping up: if I can write a post a day, which I’ve sometimes done for short periods, how much harder would it be to edit a post a day? Maybe every two days, in a pinch.

Since my plans for 2016 are becoming rather grandiose anyway, I might just as well add Maverick Writer: the Book, to the list. Skipping around the collected posts, I’m just as glad that I procrastinated (strike that) waited. For someone who advocates not being cowed by rules from above, some of the posts have a fairly “rules from above” tone. And yes, that sentence is grammatically incorrect. So sue me.

Now I’m trying to think of some way to give myself a daily nudge in the right direction. I have a Post-It note stuck on the side of the monitor, but it will probably sink into invisibility within a few days. As my mother used to say (complain): something could lie on the floor for weeks, and I’d just step over it without noticing.

Maybe Scrivener’s corkboard would help. Create an index card for each day, and document success or failure. Different colors for success and failure? I’ll have to see if that’s possible. Close the project each day, with the corkboard showing. That only leaves the problem of how to make sure I remember the project every day. I’ve never bothered with Mac’s notification center. Maybe it’s time to see what that’s all about.



7 thoughts on “A Post a Day Makes a Book

  1. It is amazing how lots of little things (posts, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages) can accumulate into something big, like a book. I have been most successful when I simply write for a certain amount of time every day, even if it’s only a half hour. But it sounds like you have many more projects to choose from than I do! I usually only have one book underway at once, and maybe a short story or two.

    Good luck with all your 2016 projects.

    1. Thanks, Audrey. I’d get bored if I only had one or two projects in the works. And sometimes I have to scour through them to find the one that can break me out of a non-writing period.

      Hope you have a fabulous 2016.

    1. Turns out there’s no way to change text colors on the index cards, but it would still be a good idea to use them as a way of keeping me on track. I set up Calendar (everything is Mac OS) for a repeating event, but it isn’t showing up on Notifications, so I have to figure out if I’m doing something wrong.

      You got me interested in checking out Patreon. It’s an interesting concept, and I’ll have to give it some thought. I hope it’s working out for you.

        1. I haven’t used labels at all, so that’s something I should look up. I’ve been using Scrivener for years and I’m still learning it. Much thanks. I’ll probably post a report (or reports) on how it’s working out.

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