Kboards — Dead to Me?

I’ve probably been on more than a dozen websites that have shut down temporarily in order to migrate to a new server. The site goes dark for a few hours, or a day, comes back, and all is well. For some reason, Kboards is having a bit of a problem with this very common change. Far past the time when they should be up and running, I’m still getting this message: We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are seeing this message your computer or network is pointing to the old Kboards.com server location. You will need to restart your browser, computer, or possibly your router.

WTF? Three different actions to take because the people responsible for the move don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground? Their Facebook page has complaints from people who tried all three, with no results.

Now an additional note is up there: visit 3rd party instructions website on how to clear your DNS cache. (with link)

That involves going to another site, finding the right set of instructions for my operating system, then going into my applications folder, finding the command link, and then trying — unsuccessfully — to figure out how to enter the command and set it running.

So screw you, Kboards. I find an interesting or useful thread there every so often, but the board isn’t important enough in my life to jump through hoops. If you come back on your own, fine. Otherwise, bye bye.

P.S. On their Facebook page, they say they’re still working on it.


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