Reasons or Excuses — Who Cares?

It’s a good thing I’ve never had any intention of being a professional writer, of earning a living from my writing. I’m lucky enough to have a secure source of income, even if it’s an income that would be totally inadequate for the lifestyle most people want to live. I’m also lazy. That part is only partially true, but it’s simpler than going through the long list of physical and mental quirks that keep me from being appropriately ambitious and productive.

Bottom line is that money is a poor motivation for writing, for me. If I’m not motivated by the writing itself, I’m not going to write. When it comes to blogging, I’m not adequately motivated by the knowledge that if I don’t post regularly my readers will go away. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there. Keep your audience’s interest or die. Fade away. But fading isn’t really that bad.

I’ve considered dying — as a blogger. But the bug bit me years ago and the symptoms continue to flare up irregularly, just enough to make me reconsider. Thinking about it objectively, I’m tired of being restricted to writing about writing. And publishing. And creating book covers. Maybe I haven’t said all I have to say, but there are other things I’d like to talk about now and then. I’ve tried starting new blogs for the “other things,” but gave up pretty quickly because they turned out to be restrictive in their own ways. And maintaining more than one blog is downright exhausting. Double the obligation, halve the enjoyment.

So, for better or worse, this blog will become a bit more general in its range of topics. Maybe a lot more general. I’ll try to relate non-writing posts to writing whenever that doesn’t simply look like a fudge. To tell the truth, almost everything I read and think about has some relation to writing, even if indirectly. My fiction reflects my reading and thinking, ever more directly, as I discard some old projects, finish up others, and start new ones.

That tie-in is probably what will take up most of the space here, so there will probably be a lot of posts that don’t relate to writing in obvious ways, but do at some level. Maybe that’s a roundabout way of saying that everything is grist for the writer’s mill. It’s also a way of saying that those of my readers who expect to see a narrow range of topics will probably be disappointed. That’s okay. I need this blog to be as much for myself as for my readers. Maybe more for myself. After all, I write my novels for myself, and if they aren’t hugely successful, that’s my problem to cope with, and not a fault in my audience.

As a bonus for sticking with me this far, here’s the link to a great post by Hugh Howey: So You Want to Be a Writer…   Even if you’re already a writer, there’s lots of good stuff there.


2 thoughts on “Reasons or Excuses — Who Cares?

  1. You’ve just nailed it, I feel exactly the same way. I think blogging has changed a lot since I first hit the web in late 2011, Looking around at the bloggers I read since then and all the comments that used to be made, I notice that’s not happening anymore for most of them. The web is so flooded with stuff now, and all the surfers really want is information or amusement. So I think my blog witll go the same way as yours. We might as well please ourselves.

  2. Blogging means you ALWAYS have a platform for what you want to say. And search engines may give you the audience.

    That’s good enough for me. Plus posting about something makes me clean it up in my head a bit.

    And no one has to read anything they don’t want to read.

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