Sunday Odds & Ends — Dystopian SF

I spent an hour or so cleaning up the URLs and text files cluttering my desktop. When I go through the morning’s news sites, I don’t always read all the articles that interest me. So I put off the URLs for later reading and sorting into their proper folders. Most are about some aspect of the death penalty and criminal justice, but a good chunk are about writing.

According to an article I found somewhere, a badly cluttered desktop slows down the computer because all those little icons are taking up memory. That may or may not make a difference, but my computer has less memory than it should, so it’s good motivation for getting the place cleaned up.

A text file called Notes on Dystopias has been sitting there for a few days while I try to figure out where to put it. In the Scrivener “Stories” project? Use it to start a new project? It’s basically a list of the many elements that impinge on stories about near-future dystopias. I keep adding to it as I remember more, or news articles serve up reminders. It’s a pretty depressing list, but that’s what I’ll be working with from now on. Stories of near-future dystopias don’t have to be depressing, but given the human tendency to hide its head in the sand rather than face reality, most of them probably will be.

Maybe I’ll post the list sometime next week.

By the way, both the stories under Free Reads are dystopian. I’ll probably revise and expand them both, eventually.



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