Request For Petition Signatures

As some of my readers know, I support the movement to eliminate the death penalty in the United States. The link below will take you to a petition to be sent to California justice officials. Kenneth Clair, an innocent man, has spent 31 years on death row. He no longer faces the death penalty. Instead, he faces life in prison because the law has been manipulated to keep him there. This manipulation is not an anomaly, or a case of simple errors. It is all too common across the country. Too often, innocence, even proven innocence, does not lead to freedom for the accused, not even when the real culprit is known.

For the first time in American history, prosecutors who bend the law in order to obtain convictions and bolster their own careers are being brought to justice as part of a too-long delayed effort to end their power to act as they please, without oversight. This is just one of hundreds of cases that should lead to a convicted man being freed, and the prosecutors punished. Please sign.


5 thoughts on “Request For Petition Signatures

  1. I commend you for taking a stance on what you believe. I agree that prosecutors that bend the law for personal gain should tried in a court of law. Lady justice would be appalled at our current system. I cannot however walk with you on elimination of the death penalty. Our society has turned from acceptance of wrongs against the whole to the victim mindset. In our world there has to be consequences for our actions, in order for us to maintain a semblance of civility.

  2. Thanks for drawing my attention to this petition. Prosecutorial malfeasance is rife, but that in Orange County is outrageous. Changing the sentence to LWOP is a handy way to take the case out of court and public attention; C J Ford is doing great work in not letting the issue die.

    1. There is so much collusion here. Now even the circuit court is involved in it. I would like to see Congress pass a law that DNA testing must always be allowed, and that the result cannot be kept secret.

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