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I seem to have fallen into a blogging spree, but don’t be surprised if it ends soon. It always does. In the meantime —

Curses! Two inches of snow overnight, with more gently falling. I do not fall gently, though, so I stay indoors until it’s all gone, which is supposed to be this weekend.

I’m thinking very seriously about buying an Amazon Fire tablet next month. I desperately want to be able to write without being bonded to my computer all the time, and my first experiment was a failure. I bought — and gave away — a Macbook Air because I hated the touchpad and the chiclet keyboard, and working on my lap made using a mouse impossible. I live and die by my Mac Mini, but Apple tablets just aren’t worth their astronomical price, not for my very limited needs. The new Fire is only $50.00, though that’s with ads, and I would almost certainly spring for the ad-free upgrade, as I did with my Kindle Paperwhite.

The internal keyboard will be okay for notes, but I see a bluetooth keyboard in the near future if I want to do any serious writing. In total, they come to less than $100. That’s the kind of money I can deal with without feeling that I’ve made a horrible mistake. The Air was a horrible mistake and it cost me dearly. At least I had a grandchild to give it to and didn’t have to try to sell it.

I’m also considering investing in editing software, possibly ProWritingAid. I’m still investigating and pondering. My self-editing keeps improving, but a helping hand might be worth paying for.

The five-day internet outage made me — again — aware of how dependent I am on a technology that can go away at any minute. That includes the computer itself, even though I’m fanatical about backing up — when I don’t forget. My external hard drive could die, along with any of the thumb drives. Dropbox could go away suddenly. I live in a world that has made my life incredibly easy, but it’s also ephemeral.

Last, but not least, for this post, I’ve started reading a blog that I highly recommend. I discovered Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt via comments on The Passive Voice, a blog that I read daily. I responded to her comment, and she, in turn, read and commented on several of my blog posts. We have an amazing number of things in common, including our — ahem — maturity. She’s a superb writer (looking forward to reading the sample of her novel) and has loads of practical advice (and wisdom) about writing. Check out her blog at: (Yes, that’s a link. Just hover)


10 thoughts on “Digital Gadgets, Blog Discovery, Weather, etc., etc.

  1. Yeah, ephemeral is a good word. Libraries are into digitizing everything, but it is also subject to fast loss. Paper , widely distributed, has a better chance of something surviving. I do not know the Kndle Fire. I found that my Nook HD was great for reading books and magazines, but awkward to write on and required things to be in basic txt format to move to other devices. For me it was also the issue of Mac – my laptop, vs Anderoid-the Nook. I also hate the touchpad, and tend to us my laptop on a hard surface. That does mean hauling the mouse around. This is typed on an IPad, using one finger touch; I mostly only write short emails on it. I has a Zagg keyboard for it, but those are tricky. They do not fold back; my first one broke. I need to change cases to do a lot of typing, so I do not do that much. I will take both cases when I travel, but mostly use a food-back case.
    Good luck finding what you need.

  2. My SF short story, Refuge, is based on the idea that sheltering in an abandoned library during a snow storm didn’t save the characters because there were no books to burn to keep them from freezing. Only defunct computers.

    I don’t mind txt format. It’s easy enough to convert. And the Amazon keyboard looks pretty good. It doesn’t fold, but it’s also pretty small. Slightly less space between keys, and no numeric keypad, which is a total waste anyway. I have small fingers, so the spacing will probably be easy to get used to.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shoutout – that’s very sweet of you.

    Boomers, unite! We are going to be around for a long time, and I intend to keep writing as long as I can.

    I stay close to my MacBook Pro with Retina display – tied to a huge monitor. If I go away, I use the husband’s iPad mini and a bluetooth keyboard, or paper and pen.

    I need to get out more – but what I want to do is go to the beach on vacation, not write.

    1. I plan to be around for a while, also, chronic health problems permitting. I’m very much a stay-at-home, especially in winter. My son nags about not taking my phone with me, but the last thing I want is to be permanently bonded to a digital device. I put my KIndle in landscape mode this morning, just to check out the keyboard. The Fire is a little bit bigger, so I think a limited amount of writing will be doable, even without a keyboard. But I’d budget for the keyboard next. Vacation? What’s a vacation?

        1. I’ll have to quote from your email and your family’s opinion: “you really ARE odd. Do you have to be quite so odd?” Well, that’s me, though my family just tends to give me weird looks without commenting. When I said I’m pretty much stay at home, I meant *really* stay at home. I hate to travel, so what anyone normal would consider a vacation is completely out for me. Besides, I don’t have anything to take a vacation *from.* Writing is just a normal part of my life, sometimes intermittent, sometimes all-consuming, like everything I do.

                1. The internet has made all the difference. I’ve found more interesting people to talk to than I had found in my entire life before. But finding them, and them finding me is still almost entirely a matter of luck. Not that I’m complaining. My books might just as well not have been written, pre-internet.

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