More Snow? And Other Trivia

Yesterday, the next door neighbor was grilling on his back porch — in his shirt sleeves. Tomorrow, we’re expecting up to five inches of snow. So I just got back from grocery shopping, to fill in whatever might run short while I’m housebound. The entire winter has been like this, minus the 3-5 inch forecast. Snow, thaw, warm. Snow, thaw, warm. The ups and downs have been as much as 30 degrees from one day to the next. But the days are getting longer and more of them are sunny, so I shouldn’t complain.

This morning, I contacted the people at ProWritingAid to ask some questions about the Scrivener beta. Surprise! The people there reply — quickly. But I may have to ask more questions if I can’t solve a strange technical problem. When I tried out PWA originally, it was with Privileged Lives. No problem. But the book I’m working on right now is Camp Expendable, and PWA keeps opening an earlier version that no longer exists on my computer. So instead of working with the lovely Scrivener app, I have to copy/paste into their online app. Just what I was trying to avoid.

I’ve been scouring my hard drive, but there’s no trace of the old version, not even backups, even using Spotlight to search for it. So how is PWA coming up with it? Talk about frustration!

Even so, I paid for the program, because it’s worth $35.00 a year to have that kind of input into the improvements I need to make in my writing. It can’t help with the kind of critique a developmental editor would do, but that’s far beyond what any software, even the smartest, is capable of.

I wonder if it’s possible to grow asparagus indoors. I just bought a bunch, the first in years, and it has me thinking about it. I used to pick wild asparagus from the roadsides, when I lived in the country. It’s just one of many foods that used to be more or less of a staple and is now a luxury item.


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