Successes, Fails, and Other Stuff

By 10:15 this morning, my Kindle had finished recharging, a loaf of bread was just getting started in the bread machine (fresh, hot bread for lunch – maybe a grilled cheese sandwich), did more detective work trying to find the file that ProWritingAid’s Scrivener beta will not let go of. So, two successes and a failure. I guess I’ll give up on the detective work and turn it over to PWA’s staff. Maybe someone there knows a secret place where deleted files go to hide.

A bigger failure was my second attempt to do the social/promotion thing on Amazon’s Write On. Maybe I just hadn’t tried hard enough or had enough patience the first time around. But posting work-in-progress doesn’t have much chance of generating sales down the line if you write the kind of stuff that doesn’t attract very many readers. It’s nice that the few people who do read enjoy it, but it takes more time than I can spare. To be noticed at all, you have to read and comment on stories that others have posted. Finding something that doesn’t make me hit the back button on the first page is like looking for the needle in that old haystack.

Amazon, in their well-meaning but clumsy way, tipped me over to the Quit side of the fence I was sitting on. The site gives you a feed of updates from the stories you’re following, and comments from people you follow. The new front page design is so obnoxious that the majority of people commenting on it on the forum hated it. There are times when I like to hang around just to find out “what happens next,” but this wasn’t one of them. Goodbye, Amazon. I tried. I really did.

Which leaves me with Google+, which I’ve been neglecting, and this blog. It’s a truism that only other writers read writing blogs, and they aren’t your potential buyers. Some say yes when it comes to posting work-in-progress, and others say no. I say maybe. It worked for me when I posted my first novel on my Live Journal blog, as it was being written. But that was several years ago. You can’t count of doing the same thing twice and winning.

I’ll adding a Work-in-Progress page to the sidebar as soon as I decide what I want to include. And I’ll be posting chapters now and then, but not entire novels. I might serialize shorter works when I get to them.

I’m still playing with Yojimbo and liking it more all the time. It’s so easy to drop stuff in there, that would otherwise be cluttering up my desktop. I got around to reading the manual yesterday and discovered that you can drag a picture onto a folder, the same way you can change your Apple folders. The first graphics I tried didn’t show up very well, so I went on a hunt at Pixabay this morning and fancied up some of my Yojimbo Collections, which is a fancy name for folders.

Another small success was reconstructing how I’d managed to send a photo from my phone to my computer way back when I was still trying to figure out how to live with a mobile. Bluetooth doesn’t work, which would have been the easy way. But it’s done now, and here you see the results — a rather uninspiring photo of my paper note board. I’m about 99% digital but laying out scribbled notes still have some advantages for my visual comprehension. This is random notes for Set Me Free.

Paper notes






The bread is smelling great, and it’s barely started rising. Grilled cheese on homemade bread. Go ahead and drool.


3 thoughts on “Successes, Fails, and Other Stuff

  1. I’m drooling. It’s a miserable set-in-rainy day over here on the far north coast of beautiful downtown Australia, and the thought of hot bread … I had planned to catch the bus to Mullumbimby and do a rare bit of personal shopping, but I think I’ll put it off ’til another day.

    1. I wanted to get out today, but we had freezing rain overlaid with snow last night, and it still isn’t all gone. High-risk conditions for me.

      The bread turned out delicious.

  2. That’s why we don’t change software that works – unless it is becoming very slow or clumsy or is missing major features: it takes days out of our lives to do so.

    I still have the WO account, but have no interest in being a part of a writer’s group with random writings, so I rarely go.

    Like your time, mine is too valuable and too hard to get to spend it on anything but my own writing. I did the writing partner thing, and a bit of the online commentary thing, and even serialized my first novel on my blog, Wattpad, and a couple of other places.

    Now I see why writers don’t do that after a while – we don’t need the feedback or the support, and we desperately need to put the time in on our own WIP.

    So the people you see online are the in-betweeners: between newbies and significantly successful. There’s still a spot there, and those are the people who post. IMHO. Me, still, a bit. I can see it changing in the future. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying it.

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