A No-Writing Day, But Still Productive

If I don’t get my butt in gear, this will be two days without any work on Camp Expendable. Except — I did find the graphics for the cover. It will be a photo of a razor wire fence against a faded background of desert vegetation. It will involve slicing the fence photo into three pieces, so that will be a new bit of manipulation I’ll have to learn.

The fence photo came from Canva, a site that helps you design your own covers, flyers, etc. Anything graphic. All I wanted was a decent photo, but when I have the time, I’ll be looking at some of their design tutorials. It’s a good place to start learning if you plan to design your own book covers.  The fence photo was $1.00, but the desert pic came from Pixabay, a site for free public domain graphics.

Also paid for Yojimbo today, even though I have close to a month left of the free trial. It didn’t take long to be convinced this is the perfect organizer for me. I started to write a blog post about it this morning, but after I inserted a graphic, I somehow managed to erase half of what I’d written. WordPress’s Media and I don’t get along. Tomorrow, maybe?

Books, books, books. Bought three of the books on my Amazon wish list: Facing the Death Penalty, Stein on Writing, and The Death House. The wish list is a good place to store books that I’m not sure I’ll want, or that are too expensive right now. And of course, those that I plan to buy soon. The Death House is one that I considered just too expensive, so I jumped on it today when it went on sale for $1.99, down from either $6.99 or $7.99. I don’t remember which. This one happened to be in the Daily Deals today, but I sometimes find books reduced when I skim through my wish list.

Also tracked down the title and author of a book I need to replace eventually. I was only able to rescue about 1/4 of my books when I moved, and every so often, I remember one that I didn’t really want to lose.

Added a new page to the sidebar: Work in Progress. It has a little bit about each of the six writing projects I’ll be giving most of my attention for the next few months. I might include a snippet from each, when I can get around to it.


5 thoughts on “A No-Writing Day, But Still Productive

  1. Stein on Writing is one of the books I learned from. I lent it to someone – or left it somewhere on one of my rare trips – and had to buy a second copy.

    All my writing books end up full of notes – that’s how I learn from them, by removing the padding (there aren’t usually that many ideas in a writing book). I underline the good parts, skim the next time I need that set of concepts.

    I hope you like it – he’s a little old fashioned, but some things remain true forever.

    Happy reading.

    1. I’m very choosy about how-to books on writing. Another writer recommended this (don’t remember who, but was convincing). The seller shipped it the day I ordered, so I should get it next week.

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