Smashwords Sale (Blatant Promotion)

Smashwords is having its annual Read an Ebook sale. I don’t know anyone who needs encouragement to read ebooks, but I appreciate the thought. And I also appreciate that Kindleboards is where I often find notices that I might have missed otherwise.

So here’s what’s on sale March 6 through March 12, along with the coupon codes for buying at the sale price.

Within the Silence        50% off – 1.50   RAE50
Darkest Prison               50% off – .99     RAE50
Privileged Lives             75% off – 1.00   RAE75
Hidden Boundaries      25% off – 2.99   RAE25
Crossing Bondaries     25% off – 2.99   RAE25

Ordering from Smashwords is very easy, allows you to download in your preferred format (including mobi).

Within the Silence is a remnant of my slave-fantasy days, and I’ll probably withdraw it from publication soon.

Hidden Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries are also from that period, but will remain available.


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