Time-Out From Editing

Two posts in one day? And on a Sunday, when readership is low? Sometimes I need to write for myself. If other people read it, fine. But this is for me on a day of chill steady rain when I’ve been obsessively editing Camp Expendable, while working myself in and out of headaches. Literal headaches. Not metaphors. I don’t know what brings them on or why they go away. I’m just grateful when they’re gone, even though I know they’ll be back.

I put the first nine chapters through ProWritingAid as soon as I finished each edit, but that hasn’t worked out well. Editing a chapter, and then editing again right away, using PWA is so exhausting that it actually cut down how much I could accomplish each day. So I’m editing the last eight chapter the way I normally do, one after the other. When I’ve done all of them, I’ll go back and rework them with PWA. That should give me the “forgetting” space I need to see them objectively again.

I’m finding PWA very helpful, but the caveat is that I have to ignore a lot of the suggestions for corrections. Maybe AI programs can’t be made less literal-minded in following rules, but I find myself laughing at some of the suggestions. I’ve been collecting some of them with the intention of offering them to the company. A beta is still in development, and the company does want suggestions for improvement… The thing is, though, that the rules they’re using aren’t part of the beta. The Scrivener beta is using the same grammar and usage rules as the Windows and Google Docs users, and the people who do all their editing on the site.

I’ll probably post my list of PWA boo boos here one of these days.

I’m having trouble concentrating. I rushed bread dough into the machine a while back so I could have fresh bread for supper, and the fragrance is killing me. Twenty-five more minutes to finish baking, a few minutes for cooling a bit, and then I’m going to be slathering butter over the crunchy, crispy heel.

What? You’re jealous?


2 thoughts on “Time-Out From Editing

  1. I am super jealous of fresh bread. Someday I shall buy a bread maker and a How To Bake Gluten Free Bread book… Someday.

    I know what you mean about random headaches, I get them all the time when the weather changes. Spring is the worst for that. And most of the time they don’t even hurt, exactly, just make me feel inexplicably tired until I eventually realize what’s going on and take and Advil and/or a decongestant.

    1. I can’t imagine what gluten-free bread would taste like or what kind of texture it would have. I add extra gluten to mine because it makes a big difference in how it rises, and how long it stays fresh.

      Weather changes do a number on me too. And the pollen, although my hay fever isn’t terribly bad.

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