A Well-Educated Boy — 1

Finding the right graphic for a cover can be easy or frustrating enough to make me tear my hair out. I’m not an artist, so I depend on others’ talent. And because I’m cheap, cheap, cheap, I use only public domain art. That might change if any of my books hit the bigtime, but that isn’t likely, so for now I have to work within my budget of zero dollars.

This graphic is proof that you may think you know what kind of cover art you want for a book, but you really don’t Not until the right image comes along and smacks you upside the head, the way this one smacked mine.


This is the original, uncropped image that I found long before I’d written more than a few hundred words of the story and didn’t where it would be going. I still haven’t worked out the cover, but I’m beginning to see the germ of an idea.


7 thoughts on “A Well-Educated Boy — 1

    1. I shouldn’t have reduced the size so much. If you hit command+ to enlarge the page, you’ll probably be able to see that they’re wearing headphones attached to wiring that goes over to the machine on the right side. Automated learning, straight into the brain. I think the graphic was from sometime in the 19th century, someone’s idea of futuristic education. I’ll have to track it down so I can give credit, even though it’s in the public domain.

        1. I found my original source and copied the info, which I’ll probably include in the book, somehow. That image is one of almost 100 produced from 1899 to 1910. Amazing, huh?

              1. I survived it, did well, but would have done so much better had I had access to more than just random books outside school.

                I grew up in Mexico, and books in English were hard to get (beyond the Great Books that my parents had a set of).

                And I was interested in science, which most of the other girls at my Catholic all-girl school were not. Ugly Duckling Syndrome – oddball out. The teachers there had huge classes – and we were all very well behaved. But there is so much more now and textbooks online with movies and software that does physics and computers and…

                I love learning – the best part of writing has been 1) learning to write, 2) learning graphics, and 3) learning to publish my own ebooks. Wish I had more energy to use these skills.

                How’s your book coming?

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