Best Laid Plans, Spring, and All That

I intended to spend Sunday reading straight through Camp Expendable, then start another editing run-through, and maybe work on the cover. Didn’t happen. Son invited me to the “traditional” “Easter” dinner of lasagne. Any holiday, and I doubt anyone in the family observed this one, is a good excuse for a big dinner, even if there’s no tradition in back of it. My DIL makes a mean lasagne, and I got to take some home with me.

It was a perfect day. Actually sat out in the sun with my Kindle, took a guided tour through the gardens to see what was coming up (lots of daffodils), and even pulled a weed or two. Got back home just ahead of a major thunderstorm. Before the trip home, we took a side trip to their store, which has evolved over the years from office supply store, gift shop, arts and crafts gallery, to antique shop. One lovely display is small plants, including mini African Violets, in tea cups and carved-out old books. Don’t worry, none of the books are worth anything. The African Violet of my dreams was in a tea cup (for $19.00!), but luckily there was one still in its mini pot. So I now have the first of what will probably turn into another African Violet collection. I had one years ago, and have missed them.

It’s officially Spring now because I just ordered vegetable and herb seeds from Burpee. And one single strawberry plant. It was ridiculously expensive, but it’s a spreader, so I’ll propagate it from runners if the flavor is as good as they claim. I also dipped into my son’s seed supply for a few items, including marigolds, which I’ll use as companion plants for repelling bugs. And they’re pretty.

I used up most of a 40 pound bag of potting soil in the six and a half months since I moved into my apartment, and another one will be needed very soon. I’ve cut back some on my plans for this first year of indoor food gardening. But there will still be eggplant, summer squash, tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, and carrots, plus peppermint, sage, and basil to add to the lemon balm, parsley, and ginger already growing.

Back to the book today?


4 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans, Spring, and All That

  1. Impressive. Indoor food growing is something I have never tried beyond a few herbs. Those were not very successful due to lack is enough sunlight. Tomatoes inside-where squirrels can’t take a bite.
    I wish you every success.

    1. Thanks. It’s all an experiment. The plant room has so many windows, I’ll probably have to block some of the sun in the summer. I’d love to plant some tomatoes and other veggies outside for the other tenants, but there are loads of squirrels, so everything would have to be protected with netting of some kind. Plus people walking by would probably be tempted if they saw tomatoes. But I might try the squash.

  2. Ah, gardening. A great use of time unless it is forced. I’m sad that I can no longer weed for a decent period – I pay for it with days of joint and muscle pain afterward. We have had to hire pros this year. The daffodils are coming inside in masses.

    Back in my salad days, we grew stuff. Even broccoli.

    1. I miss being able to do “real” gardening, so I’m glad I have so much indoor space to play around in. And I have two benches and a covered radiator, so not too much bending to do. My son’s daffodils are about a quarter of what he usually gets. Thinks it was because there weren’t enough long stretches of cold weather. But they still looked great.

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