Odds and Ends — Reading and Writing

This isn’t what I was going to start with, but Amazon is, at this very moment, updating my Kindle software. Not an unusual occurrence except for one thing–I had it set on airplane mode. So this means that Amazon can turn it on any time they want, for any purpose? Call me paranoid, but I find that slightly alarming. And now that the update is complete, it’s showing me my main page and it’s still in airplane mode. Any comments?

Another odd–or end–I’m writing this in WordPress’s quick draft mode which I just discovered this morning. The first thing I learned is that you can’t format anything while you’re in it. The second thing? Wait a minute while I save it and see where it takes me when I click on it again. Okay, it takes me to the normal “new post” page. Is there any advantage to using it? Yes. The last three drafts are listed on the dashboard now that it’s activated, so I don’t have to click over to the “all posts” page and then click on the draft to finish writing a post that I’ve left for later. So that’s a very minor, but nice feature.

Scrivener — There’s always something new to learn. Someone mentioned templates the other day, and I decided: Okay, why not give it a try? I always start a new project with a blank page, but since I set up all my fiction projects the same way, it doesn’t make sense to hassle with filling in all the binder settings every time. It was easy as pie, in case anyone is wondering. Open a blank project, set up your binder the way you want it, and Save as Template. That template will be listed with all of Scrivener’s templates. What I’m particularly happy about is that “Journal” is now always at the top of the binder. This is something Alicia suggested, but if I don’t have some kind of reminder right in front of me, I’ll forget all about it.

I’ve been in more or less of a sulk for the last two days, frustrated with Camp Expendable, and not feeling well physically. Maybe I needed a mini-vacation because the brain seems to be coming back online today. So — I’m having a sitdown with Casey, not an interview as Audrey Kalman suggested, though that may still happen. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but I’ve already found an aspect of Casey’s relationship with Jake that I’d never thought about.

Currently reading — Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story, by K. M. Weiland

I’m only about a quarter of the way through, but I’m finding it helpful, to some extent. I doubt that I’ll ever be an adherent of any of the formal structures, whether it’s three or four or however many “acts” are considered vital. Just breaking my chapters into scenes was a bear because there’s rarely any action or clear demarcation that lets me draw a line between “this” and “that.” I’ll probably write a short review when I’m finished.

End of Odds.


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