Conquer Technology and Read as a Book

Yesterday’s mini-saga of trying to read Camp Expendable on my Kindle ended in a normally half-assed way. In Scrivener, I compiled it to a PDF, which Kindle finally accepted. But you can’t change the font size of a PDF on the Kindle. So my choice was to squint at the text in portrait mode or read in landscape mode, which enlarges the font, but doesn’t handle page turns very well. Still unwilling to wrestle with Amazon’s KindleGen, I tried one more ploy today. I compiled the novel as a plain text file, figuring that I don’t need the formatting details at this point. Writer just wants to read. And it turns out that when you download a text file to a Kindle, it translates it into Kindle format, complete with location and percent read. How about that! So now I can read Expendable as a book and change the font to a comfortable size.


8 thoughts on “Conquer Technology and Read as a Book

    1. The rewards of refusing to be stymied by technology. Also, I just edited the post to include the two Kindle features .txt allows — location and percent read.

        1. My first laugh of the day. Thanks. I know what you mean. Having to figure out how to do something before I can do it gets to be a pain. It’s nice when new knowledge more or less drops into my lap. I can usually deal with that even when I’m not functioning very well.

    1. Nope, Kindle Paperwhite is an ebook reader. That’s all it does, read books. I can’t imagine you ever biting that bullet. If you do ever decide you want to read on a digital device, from everything I’ve seen, a dedicated reader is easier on the eyes than a tablet. I don’t know about other readers, but the Paperwhite isn’t affected by glare. And it kept me from going nuts the night we had a power outage. It’s also much easier on my eyes than reading on the computer.

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