From the News: Is Trump Working a Long Con? And What Could it Be?

This might be the first of an occasional series — story ideas inspired by the news. Hardly a day goes by without one or two or even a handful popping up. Sometimes, all it takes is a headline. Sometimes, an in-depth read. I have a folder of articles marked to indicate that they’re possible story inspiration. Not that I’ll ever get around to developing many of them as full-fledged novels or short stories. But they might become elements that will flesh out something larger that I’m actively working on.

As much as I hate to even mention his name, I have to admit that the SOB supposedly running for president is fascinating. Or maybe it’s the endless media attempts to figure him out that’s fascinating. More than one writer has suggested that he isn’t really running for president at all — that he has some devious plan in mind. Or is he really the cotton-mouthed clown that he appears to be? Is he deliberately trying to destroy the republican party and ensure that Clinton becomes our first president ? Or is this merely the ultimate self-promotion scheme the world has ever seen, one from which he intends to make a fortune after the political circus is all over?

If I were writing one of those political suspense novels in which the president is the center of  a network of conspiracies, either as actor or victim, The Donald would be the ideal actor. The only problem would be trying to decide which of the theories about his intelligence and intentions would make the most exciting pot boiler. Would it be possible to write the book without descending into parody, or would parody be the best approach? Would he be the hero or the villain? A strong leader who actually has a workable plan to “Make America great again,”or a puppet in the hands of shadowy figures even more devious than he appears to be?



3 thoughts on “From the News: Is Trump Working a Long Con? And What Could it Be?

    1. I tend to think he’s a con man, just not a very good one. But you can fool some of the people some of the time. Enough for his purposes, at least.

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