Instead of a Post — Research for Crime Writers

I’m now playing catchup after a long bout of depression, finished off nicely with a couple of weeks of being physically down — probably partly the aftermath of that e.coli event. So now, it’s too hot to think, and I’ve expended my day’s energy getting as many chores done as possible, early in the morning. Watering my overambitious, scattered gardens is now much easier with the repair of the outdoor faucet and the purchase of extra hose and a good nozzle. No more hauling plastic jugs of water. Have been meaning to write about my gardening every now and then, and may even get around to it one of these days.

In the meantime, here’s a gem I picked up from The Passive Voice blog today. The Graveyard Shift is the blog of crime writer Lee Lofland, and should be a go-to read for anyone serious about writing crime fiction. This guy is the real deal — ex-cop, detective, police trainer, etc., etc. And he writes crime fiction.


One thought on “Instead of a Post — Research for Crime Writers

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. It’s always strange to hear you talk of heat when I’m cold – and vice versa. But at least we have a lovely day over here today, instead of all the rain we’ve been having. Lots of erosion on the east coast of Aust’a beaches. Our dunes are almost gone. One of these days, we’ll have seawater here in the street, I’m darn glad I’m in a 2-storey place. The whole thing’s happening a lot faster than I anticipated.

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