Goodbye Live Journal

I”ve been on Live Journal a long time, probably longer than I’ve been on WordPress. Over the last couple of years, it’s been changed in ways that make it harder to navigate. As a result (unless there are other reasons I don’t know about) it’s gone from a lively place where I could post chapters of ongoing work and engage with my readers, to an echoing shell. Most of the people on my friends list don’t post there anymore, so there’s rarely anything to read. I’ve had almost zero motivation to keep hanging on and I don’t know why I’ve bothered to keep posting now and then.

But it’s over. I’m in the process of deleting all my posts, which includes three whole novels and a short story. Two short stories? I haven’t finished yet, so I’m not sure. Another day or two and it will all be gone.

So long, LJ, it was nice knowing you.


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