New Theme I’m Trying Out

I like this theme very much, except that the widgets are at the bottom instead of in a sidebar. It took me some time to get used to seeing that setup, but it’s become quite common now, and I hope readers aren’t confused by it. My blog title is nowhere to be seen, but I have the option of creating a custom header. Don’t know when I’ll get around to it, but hopefully, within the next few days.

What didn’t I like about the old theme that I do like about this one? I prefer pages that don’t include the sidebar. The old theme didn’t allow any other style. This one allows nice, clean pages without extraneous material.

Just for the few who might be interested. A big push in revising Camp Expendable today produced 900 words. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a few more before the evening’s over, or maybe I’ll just rest on my laurels. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to write that much in a day, so laurels are good.


2 thoughts on “New Theme I’m Trying Out

  1. I don’t need to upgrade my theme – what I need is to capture it. Something happened to the site I had bought the domain to, and it isn’t talking to me.

    I think I’ll raze it to the ground (someone else set it up) and try again one of these days. Not happy – I didn’t pay him (it was one of these ‘if you get your domain at X site I will set it up for you free’), but when I needed it, it wouldn’t talk to me. Sigh.

    I think I’m a blogger after 4 years. What I am is uncommonly lucky. In blogging. Now, if I could just be uncommonly lucky at promoting! But, nooooo.

  2. At least it didn’t cost you anything. There are reliable hosts and domain sellers. The only time I bought a domain name, I decided it wasn’t worth the bother and let it expire. Maybe not a good decision, but that’s me.

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