That Much is Done

I set a goal of 6,000 words for Camp NaNo and reached it today. After days of stress and non-writing, the muse took a giant leap forward and made up for lost time with close to 4,000 words in four days. There’s still plenty of work to be done on Camp Expendable, and I wouldn’t be surprised, if I finish with another 1,000 words or so after going through every chapter again and developing some scenes more fully.

And then on to line editing, spell-checking, and the nasty nitty gritty of formatting.


5 thoughts on “That Much is Done

  1. Congratulations! Yay! Fist pump!

    I’m delighted to hear this, my friend – that pushing yourself a bit (or whatever you did to loosen things up) worked for you. Always good to hear.

    I actually like editing – we’re all different, aren’t we? But I do it immediately, while the scene is still fresh, and my choices need examining for word repetition. Now I even catch myself using ‘get’ for everything BEFORE I head for AutoCrit. I’m improving!

    1. Thanks for the fist pump. It’s usually either a drought or a flood, and either can kick in at any time. I actually don’t mind editing until it gets to about the third or fourth run-through. Then I need to take a step back and let things ripen for a while. I hope I can go to ProWritingAid before the month is over, for a final tuning up.

      1. Once I see the real story coming together, it gets very exciting to polish the language and the pace. The part that gives me trouble is deciding that I have the emotional journey through the material just right. Like planning out a new roller coaster, there is a ride I want to take you on…

          1. Without taking the READER on an emotional journey, the writing is flat and uninteresting. I put the characters in impossible situations, have them tough it out – stiff upper lip – and it wrenches the reader’s gut.

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