Random Weekend Bits and Pieces

Amazon can’t spell. I happened to look at a book by someone named Alan Watt the other day, and ever since, Amazon has been suggesting books by Alan Watts. I find their algorithms for trying to sell me stuff alternately annoying and amusing. Apparently, the primary one is that if you look at just one item in a category, you’re potentially interested in others. Looking at Your 90-Day Novel resulted in being offered every book in this 90-Day shtick that someone is working for all they’re worth. I have no idea whether the books are selling, since the first one wasn’t worth more than a quick glance.

How many tomato plants does anyone need? Son and I toddled off to the Habitat for Humanity resell store yesterday, and came back with three flats of practically dead tomato plants. For free, so they couldn’t be resisted. I resisted, but he didn’t, and it turned out one of the flats was for me. Oh goody. Just what I needed: nursing three dozen moribund plants back to life. No thanks. Dumped them into a pail of water overnight and picked out eight barely-possibles to save, the most that would fit in a currently unused planter. At least they were loaded with a crop of ripe orange cherry tomatoes that must have been their last-ditch effort to survive. Pass on the genes. The tomatoes were excellent, so even if none of the plants come back to life and bear, that variety will be on my list for next year’s planting. Sunsugar cherry tomatoes. Yum. Hybrid, unfortunately, so there’s no point in saving seeds.

Camp NaNoWriMo — I’ve exceeded my goal of 6,000 words by 1,200 words so far. I can’t believe how much Camp Expendable has changed since the original draft, and I’m still working out possible scenes. Still clinging to the goal of having it finished and ready for publication by the end of the month, but it will probably run into August.

Gardening. Summer is now in full bloom, and promising to be an extremely hot one, after a very long, cool Spring. I cut the first two (very small )summer squash the other day, and tomatoes are going gangbusters. I hope to start seeing color soon. The Roma types started bearing first, so I imagine those will be the first to ripen. Green beans are coming back from having been eaten by some bug almost as soon as they popped out of the ground. Still waiting to find out whether the pepper plants Son gave me are hot or sweet. I suspect hot, so I planted some bell pepper seeds. The exotic Japanese variety of eggplant is probably a total loss. The one plant that got to a healthy, transplantable size is now failing. It looks like a spider mite attack, but there are none to be seen, and spraying hasn’t stopped the slow deterioration.


One thought on “Random Weekend Bits and Pieces

  1. There is much recycled ‘information’ in books at Amazon – and always new writers coming on board. But the field is also changing rapidly – and legitimate new information might be useful every 5 years or so.

    There are a lot of unhappy suppliers in this consumer-demand world.

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