NaNo’s Done, Time Out, Kindle Notes

All through with Camp NaNo. Since the 7,000+ words I wrote are embedded in the novel rather than in a separate file, I can’t validate my “win.” Oh, boo hoo. I actually haven’t added any more for the last four or five days, having reached one of those inevitable temporary crashes. Instead, I’m working mostly on Set Me Free, the death penalty book.

There are times when I can work on two WIPs at once, but mostly it’s more efficient to switch back and forth and take a complete mental break from something I’ve been immersed in for some time.

My Kindle is becoming a useful research aid, as long as I stick with Kindle books. Print books are a long slog, since I almost always need to read a book once through, and then reread it, hoping I’ve underlined or otherwise marked all the material I might want to use. I just used Kindle’s export feature for notes for the first time, and it works like a dream. In this case, I only had one note, but had highlighted a ton of material for possible use. It was mailed to me as a PDF, and also as a CSV file that I have no use for.  The only hitch was that Notes uses page numbers rather than locations. On my Kindle, the book only used location numbers, so I’ll have to work with the desktop version in order to follow up.

Still, it’s a big improvement over copying and pasting from the desktop version, which includes the title, author, and other info in every quote. Some books also have limitations on how much material I can copy from the book, making it impossible to get through the whole book without having to start typing out every quote. Using the PDF, I can transfer the whole thing to a text file and edit as necessary.

All of this requires saving to a thumb drive and transferring the material to my secondary computer. When I set up the second computer in the living room, I hoped I would be able to transfer files back and forth via bluetooth, but no such luck. There are two walls, plus a refrigerator and microwave between the living room and the bedroom, so the signal is completely blocked.

Technology doesn’t always work exactly as you’d like it to, but it’s a heck of a lot better than a quill pen. Haven’t used one of those in years.


2 thoughts on “NaNo’s Done, Time Out, Kindle Notes

  1. Who cares about validating? Congratulations on your win. You know you won – we’ll take your word for it. The badge or whatever wasn’t the point – the words were, and you got those.

    So there.

    I thought the camp was supposed to be better than the Nov. month-long frenzy. If it worked for you, and you got what you wanted, whatever else you could get wouldn’t be important.

    I can’t get out of Scene 1 in Book 2 because there is something important going on and I have to pin it down first. I know what ‘happens’ – now I’m working on the reader experience side – and that has to be just right. I will know it when I see it.

    Happy continued writing.

    1. I validate in the November NaNo. It’s nice to see the evidence of accomplishment, year by year. But the badges and all that reward stuff — don’t need it.

      I know all too well how it feels when you’re stuck, with something just out of reach. That’s mainly what’s been holding up Camp Expendable. But you’ll get it, probably when you’re not really thinking about it.

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