Slow Dip into Wattpad

I’ve been giving some thought to rejoining Wattpad and today I did it. I’ve learned a lot about cross-promotion since I was originally on the site (turns out that was way back in 2012), so I wouldn’t have the same expectations. The first surprise was discovering that I either never got around to deleting my account, or it’s one of those sites you can never leave.

If anything, the site is more wildly popular than ever, hence harder than ever to win eyeballs, so I’ll have to figure out a fine balance between using it to my best advantage and not putting too much time and effort into it.

I did the basic profile setup, but won’t actually be posting any work for a while. Not until Camp Expendable is finished, and I’m making a good dent in Set Me Free. I’ll probably start with an expanded version of Refuge, which is posted here, and then, depending on its reception, start putting A Well-Educated Boy on the site. That’s one of the many stories I really need to finish, but will work out the still undeveloped part of the plot before starting to serialize it on Wattpad.

The whole thing is purely experimental, and will have to fit in the cracks and crannies between major WIPs. This is the kind of thing I’ll jump into just because I’m bored and need to do something drastically different. It also means that with my usual turn-on-a-dime mind-changes, I might just say “the hell with it” one day and depart Wattpad forever.



3 thoughts on “Slow Dip into Wattpad

  1. I still pop over there daily. Let me know when you’re doing it – there’s at least one place I know where grownups used to hang out.

    You can also ask them to feature you once a story is getting some traction – then you get a fair amount more. Too Late has 64K+ reads. (short story prequel to Pride’s Children, which is not there in its entirety, but which I will send to anyone who wants an electronic Review Copy and will consider writing a review). PC has almost 20K reads there of the scenes which are posted.

    I’m a little sad to see less commenting as the kids go to mobile. And I would consider myself in maintenance mode (ABEhrhardt there), not active. Just one of the things that have to be minimized when other stuff (promotion, Book 2) has taken up my mental energy, if not my time.

    The more I divide my attention, the less I get done, total.

    1. Thanks. I’ll let you know. Finding grownups on there can’t be easy. Dividing my attention is what I do best, and it’s probably almost as detrimental as it is for you. I’m trying very hard to set priorities–and stick to them, but it’s a struggle. Expendable is #1 right now, with the death penalty book toddling along right behind it and (hopefully) one shorter work slipping into the cracks and crevices when I need a change of pace. Once Expendable is out in the world, Set Me Free becomes #1 and (probably) Well-Educated Boy taking 2nd place.

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